Crime Pursuit

The Shaylyn Ammerman Story

March 29, 2020

March 2016, fourteen-month-old Shaylyn Ammerman was reportedly kidnapped from her father’s home.

Investigators state the toddler had been sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled to death. Shaylyn’s body was found almost two days later in a remote wooded area in Gosport, Indiana.

Kyle Parker was taken into custody in connection with the brutal crime, but the judicial process proved to be challenging, as there was no DNA evidence linking Parker to the crime.

Parker’s “jailhouse confession” did not coincide with what investigators discovered at the scene, or in DNA and laboratory testing.

Almost a year to the date of Parker’s arrest, time was ticking fast for the Judicial system. Fearing a jury trial would end in acquittal due to lack of evidence and a “jailhouse confession," in a desperate attempt to win a conviction, a plea deal was struck.

Kyle Parker signed that plea deal, further admitting guilt in the kidnapping and murder of Shaylyn Ammerman. Other charges including rape and strangulation were dropped, and Parker was sentenced to sixty years in prison with the opportunity for parole.

Investigators and the public majority agree on one thing- someone else was involved in this brutal crime. But who? And why did Parker confess? Who does the 3rd party DNA belong to that was discovered in the course of the investigation? What did this team of professionals miss in their investigation?

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